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Beyonce dances alongside a group of kids in a school cafeteria as part of The Let’s Move! campaign. Beyonce re-recorded her hit song “Get Me Bodied” for the “Let’s Move Flash Workout.” The song will be part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to help in the fight against childhood obesity.

Check it out:

Check out the full story from Associated Press

Do you think the President should have produced his birth certificate?

What do you think of the video? Is it just a joke or should we be concerned about how our President is being portrayed?

This man is off the chain…but I kinda feel him though

 The Associated Press states, Fenty lost the city’s Democratic primary to District of Columbia Council Chairman Vincent Gray just four years after sweeping into office with unprecedented support.

Fenty comments on DC Mayoral race

Here are photos from Jigga and Trigga’s visit to the White House  on Wednesday March 3rd.

Hov even brought Bey and her mama, Tina Knowles along for the trip.

Writing via Twitter, Trey Songz confirmed their visit to the White House.

“DC chillin,” he wrote Wednesday. “Had the honor of meeting Barack

Obama today – Surreal – GOD bless The President and his family. @oneflynerd when he told me “Congratulations on all your success, I’m proud of you” @kauaib0y808 incredible right?” (Trey Songz’s Twitter)

According to The Washington Post, Jay revealed his recent visit to the White House at his concert on Wednesday.

“I just came from the White House,” he told the audience at the Verizon Center on the Washington, D.C., stop of his Blueprint 3 tour.

Hov made the remark during the last minutes of his concert. Officials confirmed to The Washington Post on March 4th that President Barack Obama had indeed met with Jay and the two chatted briefly.

According to MTV News, in an overseas interview in February, Jay-Z revealed that when he once called President Obama, he heard BP3 playing in the background.

“Barack loves hip hop. When I called him he was playing Blueprint in the gym,” Jay-Z said.

From Marcy projects to the White House…go head Jay!!!

{February 25, 2010}   Obama’s Health Care Summit

Check out video of Obama’s opening remarks at the Health Care Summit:

“We cannot have another yearlong debate about this,” Obama said at the end of a 7 1/2-hour marathon policy session, according to the Associated Press.

With the conversation veering between mind-numbing detail and flaring tempers, Obama and his Democratic allies clashed with congressional Republicans over the right prescription for the nation’s broken health care system. Though there was much talk of agreement, each side held onto long-entrenched positions that left them far apart. Democrats seek a kind of broad remake; Republicans favor much more modest changes.

What is your take on the health care debate?

What did you think of Obama’s speech?

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