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{May 7, 2010}   COUPLE ALERT: Mario & Amber Rose’s “BFF” Dez


Mario has begun dating Amber Rose’s BFF and rumored lesbian lover, Dez.

This is the same Dez who, not to long ago, was engaged to Mario’s own manager, J. Erving (son of basketball Hall of Famer Julius Erving).

And the same Dez who posted some really “friendly” photos of her and Amber on her Myspace page last year.

 Here’s what Amber told Complex Magazine back in August when asked about those infamous photos:

Complex: When the pictures of you and a lady friend hit the blogs, it caused some commotion because people thought you were stepping out on Kanye. Who is that lady and what’s the story?
Amber Rose: [Laughs] I will definitely straighten that one out. That is my bestest friend Dez. She’s been my friend for about ten years now. We were dancers-you know, strippers-together, and that night when we took all those pictures, I was back in Philly and hadn’t seen her in a while, and I was like, “Yo Dez, let’s just take some shots of Hennessy and take some fuckin’ pictures, just for us.” She didn’t realize I do have some type of celebrity-status, and she posted them on her MySpace. Kanye knows that that’s just my friend, we’re not lesbian lovers. Everybody made a big deal out of that and it’s like, how many girls do that everyday and take silly pictures?

But despite it all, Mario has been seen out and about with his new girl on his arm, and he seems completely unashamed. 

Is this a desperate attempt to get back in the spotlight, Mario? Or are you really feeling this Dez chick? What do you think?



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