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{February 9, 2010}   Did Chris Brown & Keri Hilson Get it Poppn’?

Chris Breezy & Ms. Keri Baaby at the SuperBowl Bash

Allegedly, Chris Brown “was all over” Keri Hilson at the Axe Lounge at Liv, where Diddy was hosting a bash and where Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were celebrating the Saints’ Super Bowl win.

According to E! News the two were “grinding each other” on the dance floor, and Chris even made a special request…

“He insisted on her being in a photo with him as well,” a source tells us.

The two left together, along with a group of friends.

No word from either of their reps, but Keri posted the following on her Twitter page:

“LMAO paps think they slick!! Gone ask CB & I to tk a pic on carpet then asked da crew if we datin!! LHLAB so, no! I’mma let yall know now ”

IDK Keri… sounds like a denial to me!!!


Mara says:

Yea Chris probaly smashed but hey….they do look kinda cute together!!

tdillard314 says:

Lol… I’m sure he did… And ur right they do look cute.

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